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RF Life Testing


Large TVAC baseplate allows testing of large
equipment or several independent equipment


Unique RF-immune local optical temperature measurement system.

12-port VNA capability up to 40 GHz.


  • TVAC with large thermal plate (600 x 1000 mm2) covering -45 °C to +165 °C.
  • Optimized design to test for both coaxial and waveguideequipment.
  • Automated 12-port Vector Network Analyzer (PXI-based).
    Up to 26.5 GHz using integrated PXI VNA.
    Up to 40 GHz using external VNA.
  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzer up to 26.5 GHz with 765 MHzinstantaneous bandwidth.
  • Fast (1000 measurements/second) optical temperatureand pressure measurement system.
    Operating in areas with high EM field intensities(allowing local measurements while in RF operation).


VNA measurements up to

12 ports

Fast Optical Temperature Measurement system up to

1000 Hz

  • RT Life testing ESA laboratory


What else we want to share with you

The facility is capable of handling long and complex life test campaigns for active and passive devices.

The chamber is suitable to perform tests both on coaxial and waveguide devices thanks to the way the cover has been designed. The chamber is fitted with a thermal plate (600 x 1000 mm2) connected to a thermal bath capable of achieving temperatures from -45 °C up to +165 °C. The test bed is completed by several test and measurement equipment:

  • A compact 12-port PXI VNA measurement system (up to 40 GHz for the switch matrix; up to 26.5 GHz for the integrated VNA).
  • A fast (1000 measurements/second) optical temperature and pressure measurement system capable of operating in areas with high EM field intensities (allowing local measurement while in operation).

The rest of the equipment available in the Microwave lab can be integrated in the facility if needed.

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