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Microwave Laboratory

Focused on supporting
ESA missions and
Member States.

The lab supplies expertise to ESA by performing tests, analysis and characterization of RF equipment and subsystems and performing research and prototyping at the beginning of a technology development, altogether applying expert knowledge and specialized RF equipment within the ESA/ESTEC premises.

The Microwave laboratory performs tests using both customized and standard procedures.

The activities performed by the laboratory are a source of hands-on experience for the maintenance of engineering competence and on-going training of ESA technical experts.



Extensive capabilities in RF signal generation, spectral analysis, Network Analysis, MMIC integration and characterization, Time and Frequency reference and Noise Figure measurements.

RF generation up to

170 GHz

Spectral analysis up to

320 GHz

Oscilloscopes up to

50 GHz

Vector Network Analysis up

170 GHz

MMIC on wafer testing from

-65 °C to +200 °C


  • Microwave Laboratory
  • Microwave Laboratory
  • Microwave Laboratory
  • Microwave Laboratory
  • Microwave Laboratory



Ready to dive in

The Microwave Laboratory puts the right tools in the hands of the ESA engineers and technicians so they can realize and test their ideas and designs. We are proud of being ESA's center of competence for conducted microwave testing. One of our objectives is to help ESA personnel increase their hands-on experience.

We like challenges. If we need to go to the smallest detail to help solve a problem we are equipped for it. Together with the experts at ESA we are able to tackle all microwave related problems also from the experimental side using our state-of-the-art facilities.

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